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Print Pakt Live magazine

print pakt

Een sympathiek initiatief van Print Pakt voor alle KVGO-leden: deze week viel bij hen het magazine Print Pakt Live op de deurmat. In deze papieren uitgave wordt de rol van het KVGO met Print Pakt op de Dutch Design Week toegelicht. Elk jaar in oktober vindt in Eindhoven de negendaagse Dutch Design Week (DDW) plaats.…

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Best Dutch Book Designs Catalogue 2016

Choosing the right binding option doesn’t just allow you to keep a bunch of pages together, it enables you to create a strong first impression. And in the case of this week’s video, it helped put a winning face on the 2016 Best Dutch Book Designs catalogue. Actually, 33 different faces. With an egalitarianism you…

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Koenig & Bauer receives iF Design Award

The RotaJET from Koenig & Bauer receives the iF Design Award 2018. Koenig & Bauer has been named among the winners of this year’s iF Design Award and can thus point proudly to a world-renowned seal of design excellence. At the grand award ceremony on 9 March 2018, the RotaJET web press picked up the…

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Agfa Graphics the latest update of its design and assembly software for high-security printing

Agfa Graphics released Fortuna 11 – the latest update of its design and assembly software for high-security printing. Providing a way to skillfully safeguard counterfeit-sensitive documents, this version focuses on enhanced user-friendliness, productivity and creative freedom. “It’s the first step towards a completely revised user experience,” reveals Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at Agfa…

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Billboards in Manilla

Every metropolis is full of billboards. Manilla, capital of the Philippines, is no exception. Nearly every surface available has adverts for Asian or Philippine brands. Of course these are different brands and services than in the West. Beautiful women, colourful displays and seductive images of fast food, especially chicken. What is remarkable though is when…

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Street art as marketing tool

Street art as a marketing tool to promote your company, restaurant and city. That is what is happening in Georgetown on the island Penang, Malaysia The initiative was started in 2009. Street art was successfully used to make the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After an international pitch for the best branding, the street…

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Eddy Hagen: the influence of e-commerce on packaging design

Insights4print´s Eddy Hagen visited the Direct to Container Print conference in Amsterdam and returned with some remarkable insights. The rise of e-commerce and webshops has a big influence on packaging design. Read his blog, via this link, about how the packaging of Epson´s ink cartridges changed and how designers anticipate the specific needs of e-commerce…

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IBM launches new font family, de IBM Plex

When we hear the word IBM we do not usually think about graphic design, but we should. The company will launch the IBM Plex font in spring 2018. The font will be suitable for print and digital. If IBM has their way it will replace Helvetica. IBM Plex will become available free of charge and…

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Prototypo, create your own font

Making your own font is now possible in an app. It allows you to create your own ideal font, but adjusting thickness, lines and 30 other variables online. The result can be seen in real time. Every adjustment is followed through for the whole alphabet. Once you have designed your own font you can export…

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Microsoft emphasises the importance of design with the newest version of Window 10

Fluent Design is an important part of the Windows 10 update. The new design will undoubtedly help Microsoft´s battle against Apple and Google for hegemony in operating systems. Fluent Design emphasises the importance of design and will, just like the last hype “material design”, inspire print designers. Because although many users will not consciously experience…

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Marrs Green most popular paper colour

Marrs Green is most people´s favourite colour. At least according to British paper manufacturer GF Smith based on an internet survey. The green blueish tint, which is very like what we call interliner green (long distance bus service in the Netherlands), was chosen as favourite from a wide range of colours the participants could choose…

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