Magazines most popular on Facebook, the Netherlands

In the first quarter of 2017 the number of likes/followers of magazines has increased to 9 million likes/follows. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2016 this is an increase of 4%. Especially the number of followers on Instagram (+14%) and YouTube (+11%) are increasing rapidly. All this according to the Social Media Monitor which was published for the third time by the Magazine Media Association (MMA).

The number of likes/followers increased on nearly all channels except for Google+, where the number of followers was stable. Biggest winners are again Instagram (+14%) and YouTube (+11%).

Numbers per channel
Magazines have the most likes/followers on Facebook (53.2%), followed by Twitter with 19.6% and Instagram with 18.1%. The representation on the different channels has changed slightly,  Instagram rose strongly and is now nearly equal to Twitter.

Differences per category
There are big differences between how magazines are represented on the various channels.
Facebook has the largest share in categories Family (92%), Upbringing (80%), Radio and Television (77%)
Twitter has the largest share in categories Opinion (56%), Sport (53%) and travel (35%)
Instagram has the largest share in categories Home decoration (38%), newspapers (34%) and Cooking (27%), but also Adolescents (24%) and Mind & Body (21%)
Pinterest has by far the largest share in Home decoration (13%), Women (8%) and Mind & Body (7%)
YouTube is biggest in categories Automotive (29%) and Adolescents (8%).
Popular brands

The most popular magazines on social media remain Voetbal International, LINDA and Elle. The number of likes/followers for these magazines increased by 2%, 8% and 2% respectively. The top 25 only shows minor changes, and same goes for the top 10 per channel.
The biggest increase in the number of likes/followers is visible in the brands Stoer!, AD Magazine, Historisch Niewsblad, Plus Magazine, Elsevier and Story. Especially some Hearst Netherlands magazines (Elle Decoration, Elle eten, Men´s Health and Women´s Health), New Skool Media (Seasons, Roots, Vorsten) and newspaper magazines from De Persgroep are among the most popular.

Nearly all brands that were benchmarked had an increase in the number of likes/followers.

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