Social media in 2017

Social media is here to stay and is getting a lot of attention. But which platforms are currently most popular? And how much are they used? Which platforms are on the rise and which are on their way out? Newcom has been researching this since 2010 in the biggest survey in the Netherlands for social media use. The 7th of this large country-wide research has been done for 2017 with an impressive response.

Newcom distinguishes between 7 highlights in the social media landscape this year:
– WhatsApp is the biggest platform in 2017, Facebook and YouTube continue to grow;
– Instagram has risen the most relatively and has entered the top 5;
– Facebook grows mostly amongst the older demographic and sees a decrease of 8% among 15-19 year olds in 2017;
– LinkedIn has not grown in users, but the daily use has increased slightly;
– the fall in Twitter use as noticed in 2016 has not continued, but has remained the same;
– Instagram and SnapChat continue to grow and are mostly popular with young people;
– the use of social media continue to rise as well as worries about privacy.

Newcome is an independent research bureau offering services to full-service market research organisations.


Jolanda van Drie

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