Breakthrough of USB C as only connector in the new Apple Macbook

USB C MacbookDuring the eagerly awaited presentation of the Apple Watch Apple managed to surprise. It introduced a reasonably affordable, super thin Macbook which will also be available in a gold colour. The new Macbook is not only the thinnest Macbook ever, but is filled with technology which will make laptops attractive to users for whom a smartphone or tablet isn´t enough. Apart from the new keyboard which experts say is pleasing to the touch and more durable, the new Macbook is the breakthrough for the new USB C standard, also known as USB 3.1. USB C does away with the big frame weakening connectors. Charging, connecting to a screen and to peripherals is all possible with this one connector. The price we have to pay for this is an adapter to connect to all the ´old´ devices like screens, harddisk and printers. You also need an adapter if you want to connect your Macbook to an electrical outlet and use peripherals. These adapters will cost between 20 and 100 Euro.



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