Manhole covers perfect for printing t-shirts

Three ladies with a paint roller and a t-shirt. Painting the manhole covers in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and using a rolling pin afterwards to put pressure on the t-shirt. The result is a beautiful print of the cover on the shirt. it´s a hype, but a brilliant one according to the audience. Marieke Noort, Jeanne Verbruggen and Christine Wevers, from silk screen workshop A29 saw a YouTube video from Berlin which was going viral. They liked it so much that it inspired them. And they tried it out.
“The video is going viral on social media. We also thought it quite funny and wanted to try it” says Noort. This manhole cover printing is happening in more places  such as Paris, Brussels and Madrid.

In Nijmegen the three women target mostly unique covers. “If you pay attention the streets of Nijmegen offer unique souvenirs. There are many unique features on the covers” according to Noort.

The printers want to continue to do print t-shirts this way. They also want to experiment with linnen bags and other textiles. the plan is to sometimes sell the shirts. Would there be a market for it? A passerby, a 23 year old man thinks so “I would like to have one. It looks quite industrial and I like that”.

Arthur Lubbers

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