Apple raises the bar for image quality and editing to new heights!

The new iPhones, iWatches and Apple TV were the center of attention in the new Steve Jobs Theater.
But what is at least as important for our industry is the way this generation of devices raises the bar for image quality and editing. The ultimate in screens is the iPhone X´s OLED screen. With 4K HDR we see images which are impossible to emulate in print. Not just the sharpness and contrast, but also the colour spectrum is second to none. Perhaps we have to reintroduce the term “print quality sufficient”.

This ease of use will definitely increase the stream of more and better photos suitable for reproduction on page formats. For larger formats we will still need the professional photographer who can deliver in RAW and higher resolutions.
For editing there is already a wide variety of apps available to eradicate the necessity of Photoshop for simple editing. Ease of use and speed, for example for editing with the Apple Pencil, will get many people to make the transition to the iPad Pro.

AirPower brings together the Apple ecosystem
One of the long awaited announcements was wireless charging. With AirPower this has now become possible for the new iPhones and iWatches. And although iPad users will have to wait for the next generation tablets AirPower literally brings the whole Apple ecosystem together. In a future designed by Apple you will put your iPhone, iWatch, AirPods and iPads together on the AirPower mat. This will make the future wireless, something Steve Job already predicted.

Ode to Steve Jobs
The event started with an ode to Steve Jobs, worth watching via this link. Jobs´ vision radiated throughout the whole event, including his famous words “one more thing” as the intro for the iPhone X. It was an impressive ode which connected seamlessly to the presentation of the new Apple Park headquarters and the Steve Jobs Theater. Both designed by the same team who developed the Apple Stores and who started an architectural trend which will surely be as influential as the introduction of the iPhone. The Apple Stores give jobs to 65,000 people, a number which is expected to grow quickly with the opening of new stores in Paris, Milan and Chicago. Watch the video of the event (starting at 14 minutes) about the new layout and design of the stores and you will see that Apple is also disrupting retail. Shopping will never be the same again.

Rob van den Braak

Printer’s devil (1964), phototypesetter, offsetprinter, teacher of graphic techniques, salesmanager, productmanager, trade journalist, founder of BlokBoek e-zine (2011). But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain (since 2010).

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