The Kube makes you want to read again

kubeThe Kube which launched in France and Belgium puts together a selection of literature which is delivered to your home. A new way to look at books and to support the independent bookshop.
At the start of the new school year the Kube was sent to a number of curious Belgian and French readers. Two months after they opened their site, already 30,000 subscriptions were received. The Kube, victim of its own success, has taken a short breather and new visitors are placed on a waiting list.
The Kube is a literary selection tailor-made by an independent bookshop, is how Aurore Chaonnier and Samuel Cimamonti, the French founders describe their product.
To order the Kube, the reader needs to create a profile of expectations, the amount of time available for reading, the speed of reading, favourite authors, etc. Within 24 hours the bookseller chooses work upon these preferences. The reader gets the personalised box for 15 Euros which includes a small gift.


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