The Samsung smartphone S8 and the new Facebook Messenger are a lesson in innovation for Apple and Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft will have been very surprised when confronted with the introduction of the Samsung S8 and the news from Facebook during the F8.
The Samsung S8 by far beats the current line of iPhones. A perfect screen, more power and more possibilities make it the ideal smartphone. Mark Zuckerberg´s team showed a number of spectacular innovations during the yearly developers conference F8. Not just about the future of better photos with a smartphone, but also about how Virtual Reality will become more commonly used thanks to the Facebook Spaces app. A bright future also for AR, SLAM will make it possible to simply place virtual objects in real-world photos and videos – an application which will also be interesting for marketing purposes.

Another F8 announcement, which in combination with super smartphones such as the S8 will change the world, is the role of Facebook Messenger. Apart from messages and news, music and games will be integrated in the app which, according to Facebook, has more users than WhatsApp. Zuckerberg thinks that the average Facebook user will stay faithful because of the new Messenger. If that is indeed the case this will be pure gold for Facebook.



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Rob van den Braak

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