Pure Digital, Building Holland and BNO join forces to inspire digital print innovation for interior decor and other applications

Connecting design and digital print – the key to future digital print innovation and growth at Pure Digital 17-19 April, RAI, Amsterdam

Pure Digital enters into collaboration with Building Holland, the leading trade fair for the construction and architecture market in the Benelux region, and with BNO, the most prominent association and community in Dutch Design. This triumvirate underlines the importance of creativity in the growth process from vision to reality for digital print and design for interior decor and other applications. Pure Digital will give visitors and exhibitors a uniquely immersive experience where creative vision, technical expertise and practical applications come to life.

Pure Digital – Bridging the gap between print and design

Results from recent research, conducted by Pure Digital, proved that the biggest barrier to growth for digital printing is the continued gap between the printing and creative industries. To help to solve this problem, Pure Digital will provide a bridge between the creative and printing sectors.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder of FM Brooks explains: “Traditional print shows tend to focus on one thing, selling machines. Until now, none have really tackled the biggest issue in print, which is how to inspire creatives and designers. Personalisation is a fundamental consumer and business trend that is not confined to home decor but also a reality in retail, hospitality, leisure and work environments. That is why we want to create a platform where exhibitors and visitors can come, to both understand and embrace the full potential of digital printing.”

Pushing boundaries – Creative freedom for design

In contrast with analogue printing, Digital printing provides designers with more freedom. With digital printing, a designer can trial ideas quickly, and start the process again without the risk attached to printing large stock inventories typical with analogue. Creative freedom stimulates endless unlimited innovation – a key theme of Pure Digital.

To achieve this, Pure Digital brings together the best of the best in one location:

1. Printers – Pure Digital focuses on quality and has attracted some of the biggest players, including HP and Durst. Large formats on special materials, special applications in unusual locations – no creative boundaries need be obeyed.

2. The Content programme at Pure Digital, with support from BNO, will focus on inspiring designers and creatives by hosting keynote presentations that will inspire digital print innovation.

3. Building Holland – the co-located show will allow visitors to enter both shows and thus experience the holistic experience. From architectural concepts, construction, finishing and personalisation; from idea to delivery.

Pure Digital encourages the following visitor groups to leave their comfort zone and explore digital printing:

1. Architects, interior, and production designers – a new world of interior decoration opens with new applications, textures and experiences for their customers.

2. Creative directors and designers within packaging and commercial printing – digital printing allows creative freedom for sophisticated marketing campaigns and in-store decoration projects.

3. Printers – learn how new applications can generate new business. Exploit the potential and generate more profits with digital printing techniques.

Consumer Trends meet with Digital Print Capability

Mass production is no longer the dominant factor as individual self-expression continues to define how society behaves, how we spend our time, and where. Such is the pace of technological innovation in digital print, designers have the capacity to transfer just about any image onto any substrate. The possibilities are there, it is now up to the creative printer and designer to create and print.

BNO, Building Holland, Pure Digital and HP already see the potential:

Freek Kroesbergen, Communications Manager of BNO, explains: “BNO is the leading Dutch community of designers, ranging from brand and corporate design to packaging design, and from retail design to interior design. We are delighted to be partnering with Pure Digital Show. Through this co-operation we can help our members and the wider creative industry realise a new perspective faster. The innovative exhibitors at Pure Digital will show very clearly how digital printing technology can stimulate creativity and provide the tools to create unique experiences and designs that make a difference.”

Richard Klein, Managing Director, Building Holland, “We are happy that the Building Holland Exhibition and Pure Digital is collaborating by having our events so close together – this makes sense because the attendance for both shows is mutually beneficial. Building Holland is now established as the premier event in the Benelux region for construction and architecture, and there is an interest in the possibilities of digital printing for décor. I think that both events are set to gain value from the other. Being open minded to do this enables new possibilities, and we look forward to the positive results.”

Marcus Timson, Co-Founder of Pure Digital, points out: “Design is not an isolated process. Designers need creative input from printers and developers to help them bring their vision to life. With Pure Digital, we do not only want to stimulate co-creation, but also really make it possible. With the support of BNO, Building Holland and our exhibitors and sponsors, we are confident that we offer visitors serious added value.”

Terry Raghunath, Business Development Manager – Printed Interior Decoration at HP, concludes: “Everyone can cook, but the quality of the chef and ingredients makes the art. The digital print market needed a platform that brings together idea, creation, technology and reality. Pure Digital is the perfect initiative to get all parties involved in the same location and evangelise the digital creative realisation. ”

Registration opens March 5. For further information contact marcus.timson@mackbrooks.com

Marco den Engelsman

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