Polaroid Snap: Instant photography without ink

PolaroidSnap_01Polaroid photos are back with the new Snap. At a cost of 99$ the instant camera prints without ink. The 10 megapixel Snap will print a 2×3 inch (5,08×7,62cm) photos in under a minute thanks to ZINK´s Zero Ink technology. Zero Ink makes use of paper with dye crystals which react to heat. The result is a powerful image with a polymer coating which protects against dirt and staining. Photos can be stored digitally on a micro SD card thereby enabling easy sharing via social media or a computer. The Snap was designed by Robert Brunner, designer at Ammunition, the design studio behind award winning designs for Amazon and Beats by Dre.
The Polaroid Snap is easy to use with a button to make a photo and a button to choose between full colour, black and white or sepia.
Polaroid believes that also in this digital world people want to have a ´real´ photo which is easy to share and save. At IFA there was indeed a lot of interest in a touchable selfie.


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