Mittelrhein-Verlag still believes in a printed newspaper

With an investment of over €42M, German media house Mittelrhein-Verlag shows that there is still a future for printed newspapers. The heart of the investment is a KBA Commander CT equipped with two 6/2 towers and a maximum width of 210 centimetres. The Commander has a rated output of 45,000 full-colour, 48-page copies per hour. More about this remarkable investment in the press release below.

Technical heart of the Rhein-Zeitung receives further compact KBA web pressCommitment to the printed newspaper – Mittelrhein-Verlag in Koblenz orders additional 6/2 KBA Commander CT

A renowned German media house has opted once again in favour of a triple-wide compact web press from Koenig & Bauer with the investment in a further 6/2 Commander CT. Configured with two reelstands, two 6/2 towers and a folder, the press is expected to come on stream in summer 2017. The company’s print capacities will be extended by the press’ maximum rated output of 45,000 full-colour, 48-page copies per hour. Publishing manager Siegmund Radtke: “Alongside its reliability and print quality, the Commander CT’s ultra-short job and pagination changes were what persuaded us to purchase this press again.”

Further investment in a cutting-edge printing centre

Four years ago Mittelrhein-Verlag invested over €42m ($47m) in a highly automated and cutting-edge printing centre in Koblenz. The heart of the centre, a triple-wide KBA Commander CT with four reelstands, four 6/2 towers and two folders, will now be extended with a new compact web press. The 6/2 KBA Commander CT will be engineered for the Rhine format, with a maximum web width of 2,100mm (82.67in). In addition to the Rhein-Zeitung the triple-wide press will print frees, inserts and contract work with a total weekly print run of some two million copies.

3-D schematic of the expanded 6/2 Commander CT for the Rhein-Zeitung in Koblenz (1)

Print remains a firm business pillar

The company was founded in 1946. The Rhein-Zeitung is one of Germany’s largest regional titles with a paid circulation of some 185,000 copies. It is published daily in 13 local editions covering the wider Koblenz area from Westerwald to Hunsrück and from the Eifel to the Taunus. The newspaper is thus the media group’s core product. “The printed regional newspaper can look forward to a bright future as long as the conditions are right. We therefore invest with conviction in the latest press technology from Koenig & Bauer,” says publishing manager Siegmund Radtke. Nevertheless, Mittelrhein-Verlag was one of the first companies to set up an online service back in 1995 and it is constantly being expanded.

Automation boosts productivity

The two KBA Pastomat reelstands for reels up to 1,524mm (60in) wide are embedded in a KBA Patras automatic reel-loading system, like the existing press. It will be possible to select 5/12, 7/12 and 11/12 ribbons for spadias. The two compact four-high towers equipped with automatic roller locks can be spilt down the centre for maintenance access. The towers will feature KBA PlateTronic automatic plate changing, KBA NipTronic bearing technology, KBA FanoTronic fan-out compensation, automatic colour-register controls, KBA CleanTronic blanket washing, inking-unit washing and central ink pumping. The press will be controlled from KBA ErgoTronic consoles incorporating a KBA EasyTronic automation module for minimum waste and short set-up times. Together with the company experienced KBA specialists will perform all maintenance, production monitoring and press checks for the 6/2 Commander CT. Preventative maintenance and press inspections ensure a high degree of reliability and production efficiency. The investment in the 6/2 Commander CT continues the successful partnership between Mittelrhein-Verlag and Koenig & Bauer.

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