La Mer Hydrating Serum packaging: the height of luxury made visible

If you want to see how luxury packaging can sell a product, have a look at MW Luxury Packaging site to see the box the company made for La Mer. MW used all possible print and finishing technology to seduce the buyer and add value to La Mer´s new Hydrating Serum. The idea behind the box is the pop-up book. A book which comes to life through special foils which remind you of the colours of the sea. After opening the box the pop-up gives information about the product. The need for the product is emphasised by a simple tool, a movable mirror. If you were tempted to spend a lot of money, don´t bother as the box is not for sale. It has been produced in a limited edition and sent to a select number of influencers. But it is a good example of what the packaging industry can produce if money is no object.



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Rob van den Braak

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