Google Container Engine: a solution for your own publishing cloud

google wifiThere are many ready made possibilities to serve digital content to your readers, but if you want to save on costs for large amounts of content and readers, improve the user interface and securely protect you content your own cloud platform is really the only way to go.

Options could be cloud services such as by Amazon or open source software. That is not simple and often more expensive than expected. Google wants to offer a solution with its Container Engine. Container Engine has all the tools to build applications for mobile and desktop devices and smart TVs and it promises simple and fast connections with digital content which is located within digital containers. The number of containers is scalable in computer clusters and thanks to Google´s VPN solutions the content is very secure.
Brian Stevens, VP of Product Management at Google, says that Google Container Engine saves up to 25% of cloud costs, promising savings up to 50% if all services are being used.

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