Get the Action on Board

bb161024-ipp-boardboxIPP International Paper & Plastic, an independent trade organisation, presents the BoardBox, an inspiring and comprehensive cardboard collection. The BoardBox is a unique tool for printers, designers and brand owners. The tool can be used to make the right choice of cardboard for packaging and other applications.

The theme is ´Get the Action on Board´ and the IPP wants their customers to use the BoardBox for themselves and their clients.

The BoardBox contains a binder with an overview of and advice on how to use folding board. It also contains A5 samples of the full cardboard range of IPP. The BoardBox not only contains simple folding board, but also a unique range of specialty boards such as laminates and glitter board.

Another unique aspect of the BoardBox is a drawer with piano folded boxes. These full colour, embossed and laminated boxes offer the possibility of comparing the physical attributes of the different boards.  The boxes are all printed with the same image for a fair comparison. is the online platform with all information about the BoardBox offering the overview and advice. The product range of the BoardBox can also be found on the platform as well as data sheets for all products.

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