Apple WWDC 2015: the biggest news is the NEWS app

WWDC News appDuring the World Wide Developers Conference Apple put a bomb under the way we gather news. The new News app will be able to interactively put together beautifully laid-out news pages gathered from newspapers, magazines, television, blogs and other internet sources. News turns this into typographically correct pages enriched with animations, audio and visuals. The visuals will be shown in the formats which we are accustomed to, the Apple mosaics or galleries. Just like video they can be presented in HD. News will be available later this year as part of the new iOS 9. News sources can optimise their content especially for News with the available software.

More news from WWDC 2015
Not only the fact that two women presented during the keynote sessions was a first. Another first was the long expected Apple Music with which Apple intends to kill Spotify. Apple Music allows you to stream to your Apple device any song or music video from the iTunes library for less than US$10 a month. An Windows and Android version will also become available. For US$15 Music allows you to share this with 6 others. Apple Music also intends to connect artists to their fans. Those fans can expect text information, sound and vision from their favourite artists. Another surprise was Apple Music´s introduction of a worldwide internet radio station Beats 1, which will be manned by ´real´ DJs who will broadcast 24 hours a day.

Other important news for app developers is the new functionality for the three different Apple operation systems, OSx iOS and iWatch. Functionality which will force Google and Microsoft to do better. First the possibility of ´deep linking´ which allows apps to retrieve information from other apps, for example a travel app which can retrieve flight information from an airline app which can then be combined with Apple Maps to show public transport information to give information about which train or bus to take after arrival at the airport. In the new OSX, named El Capitan, the new iOS for iPhones and iPads and in iWatch 2 search functions such as Spotlite and Siri will become more ´intelligent´. Home Kit and Car Kit will be able to help you find your home, but also regulate your home´s thermostat, manage the home´s lighting and see if your Tesla has enough battery to get home.
Important news for developers was the introduction of SKD developer´s kit for the iWatch and the announcement that programming language Swift is now open source.

For us, non-techies, these announcements will result in many apps which we haven´t even thought of. Apps which will make sure that the 100 billion apps sold will be doubled. App developers can count on the fact that the enormous amount of 80 billion dollars earned will also be doubled soon. This promises to be an interesting year until the next WWDC.


Rob van den Braak

Printer’s devil (1964), phototypesetter, offsetprinter, teacher of graphic techniques, salesmanager, productmanager, trade journalist, founder of BlokBoek e-zine (2011). But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain (since 2010).

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