Xitron Acquires RTI-RIPs CTP & CTF Business

Xitron, the leading independent developer of RIP and workflow products for commercial, digital, and high-speed inkjet printing has announced an agreement with Global Graphics Software, developer of the Harlequin RIP and parent company to RTI-RIPs.com. On January 2, 2018, Xitron acquired the Computer-to-Plate and Computer-to-Film RIP business of RTI.
Prior to the agreement, RTI sold and supported Harlequin RIPs through their website, mostly to print providers in North America. Xitron will now be responsible for all new Harlequin RIP sales, as well as upgrades for existing RTI RIPs in the commercial offset and flexo market segments. In turn, RTI’s focus will shift to light production printing applications, screen printing, and direct digital markets.
“Xitron and RTI have existed in the same vertical space together for years, with RTI selling Xitron interfaces as part of their Harlequin RIP kits,” said Karen Crews, president of Xitron. “This agreement reinforces our commitment to supplying these markets with productive, economical RIP and workflow products well into the future.”
The accord comes as many print providers find themselves in transition between traditional printing processes and digital alternatives such as high-speed inkjet and other digital press technologies. As printers migrate toward these new alternatives, continuity of workflow and operator familiarity become important keys to a successful transition.
“This is an area where Xitron continues to excel,” said Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron product manager. “RTI’s computer-to-plate customers will find Xitron’s Navigator workflow driving many of the digital presses currently enjoying success in the inkjet market. Since that same workflow can be configured to drive their CTP engines, RTI RIP customers will find themselves in an excellent position for transition with little additional cost.”
According to Ms. Crews, Xitron will continue to pursue development paths for traditional prepress RIP and workflow products, as well as high-speed inkjet and other digital press applications. “There’s no question that digital technologies get the lion’s share of attention in print media today,” she says. “However, there are thousands of printers in the commercial and flexo markets who still need our help with conventional prepress technology.”

About Xitron
Xitron develops advanced workflow systems and interfaces to drive the prepress industry’s most popular new, and legacy output devices, prolonging our customers’ investments. In addition, Xitron’s pressroom workflow solutions extend the functionality of press consoles from a number of industry-leading press manufacturers. Xitron’s Navigator RIP, Raster Blaster TIFF Catcher, and Sierra Workflow solutions are recognized as prepress standards. Built around the Harlequin RIP core technology from Global Graphics and the Adobe PDF Print Engine from Adobe Systems, Xitron engineers continue to develop solutions for the graphic arts market, driving hundreds of different models of imagesetters, proofers, platesetters, inkjet printers, and digital presses. With shipments of more than 30,000 RIPs, Xitron is the largest independent provider in the market. For more information about Xitron, visit us at www.xitron.com.

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