Vinyl presses on the rise!

Mail-bijlage-1Vinyl is hot! There is a noticable increase in the sales of vinyl records. And that means a booming business. Not just for the music shops selling more and more records, but also for vinyl printers such as Record Industry which prints millions of records, for record sleeve designers and for the printers who print the sleeves.
Ton Vermeulen, owner of Record Industry, says that they can hardly keep up with the demand for vinyl records. “We printed 3.8 million records last year. This year we will do over 5 million. My forecast for next year is 8 million.”
Leo Hagens, co-owner of Sounds, a record shop in Venlo, says he can understand the popularity of vinyl. “It´s an experience. A ceremony. Take the record out of the sleeve, put it on the turn table, and getting up and repeating the process after 5 songs.”

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Jolanda van Drie

Jolanda van Drie

Bedrijfsjournalist, freelance redacteur voor Blokboek en Printmedianieuws en communicatie- en marketingmanager bij IT bedrijf Prindustry (Haarlem).

Door het coronavirus zijn voorlopig alle trainingen gecancelled. Ook het #BOPE (Benelux Online Print Event), welke gepland stond voor 23 april is afgezegd.

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