Twee nieuwe kiosk apps verhogen de reader experience van Eversify lezers

Voor zijn mobile content publishing software Eversify, heeft Agfa Graphics twee nieuwe kiosk apps uitgebracht. De apps, te downloaden via de Apple iTunes en Google Play stores, geven uitgevers nog meer mogelijkheden om hun digitale publicaties af te stemmen op hun lezers. De Newbury app laat lezers via een grid view een artikel kiezen uit een groep edities. Brochard is ontwikkeld, om de laatste editie als eerste te tonen aan de lezer.

Lees meer over de twee nieuwe apps in onderstaand persbericht.


Two new Eversify Kiosk apps customize user experience for better reader experience

Eversify has responded to customer feedback with the development of two new Kiosk apps enabling publishers to choose how readers receive their information: Borchard and Newbury. Both apps focus on the reader experience to help publishers achieve maximum results by further tailoring the user experience. The apps share a number of common features, but offer different ways of displaying content to readers. They can also be tailored and branded to the specific needs of publishers. With the launch of these apps, the mobile content publishing software solution that can be integrated in any editorial, content management or InDesign® based layout system aims to provide publishers with further functionalities to meet their readers’ demands.

Newbury app – off the grid
The Newbury kiosk app displays a grid showing multiple editions of one single publication or a group of publications. When the grid shows a group, the reader can filter down to a single publication making it easier to find the right edition. Information given includes author, language, number of pages, and publication date plus publisher descriptions.

To make it easier for readers to find content, Newbury includes a date filter showing only those editions in the selected publication or publication group for the selected date. Readers can search for editions based on the descriptive information as well.

Newbury also includes slides where each image can display a different publication or group of publications in a grid. Each image can include a publisher picked icon. The slides and logos are managed from the server so updates can be made without the need for a new app. For publishers with a single or a small number of publications the slides can show images of interest while not actually filtering grid content.

Borchard – last in, first on
The Borchard kiosk app showcases the current edition of a product in a prominent position. This makes it a focal point for the reader and easier to read the current edition. The publisher Eversify from Agfa Graphics also includes a sliding carousel of other publications making the kiosk a prime location to promote other content.

From the sliding carousel, readers can view other publications, previous editions of the main product or other products in a library. It shows the selected publication or group of publications in a grid view similar to Newbury, allowing readers to then filter editions.

Common features
Both kiosks support Live News displays where the publisher can immediately deliver breaking news. If desired, this can be separated into different news topics – such as business and sports. There is bookmarking that allows readers to bookmark pages and articles for later reading via a simple icon click and publisher-based authentication and/or in app purchasing from Apple and Google through the Eversify server. This authenticates the reader, ensuring immediate access to the content.

The publisher can also provide free sample editions in each kiosk to promote content to non- subscribers. Finally, both allow the reader to manage storage by deleting selective content as necessary.

There are many customer apps based on both app kiosk styles. Both demo apps are currently ready and available for download.

The Newbury app can be downloaded at:

The Borchard can be downloaded at:

Onto the next steps
Constant evolution is of the essence in multichannel publishing, according to Rainer Kirschke, Business Manager Mobile Publishing for Eversify, Agfa Graphics. “Eversify is not an off-the-shelf product. It can be tailored and is scalable. Both kiosks are important sales platforms for any kind of publisher to show, promote and sell digital products to their customers. The kiosk features as a sales platform and an archive for purchased products at the same time.”

Both kiosk apps are available now.

About Eversify
Eversify, a solution from Agfa Graphics is a mobile content publishing software solution that can be integrated in any editorial, content management system or layout system based on Adobe InDesign. It delivers automated diversified content streaming to a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets) and websites. There are also three levels of App functionality: Eversify Classic – a digital copy of the PDF, Eversify Hybrid – an enhanced PDF that allows the manual addition of extra content enriched with HTML5 articles and Eversify Interactive (HTML5) – a pure HTML APP with all benefits of multimedia and perfect usability. Additionally, Eversify can deliver classic flipbooks, hybrid flipbook or best in class interactive HTML5 based homepages. Eversify is part of the world- leading Agfa Graphics portfolio of solutions.

For more information, visit:

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