The iPad Pro disappointment: content quality and distribution

ipad-pro-priceLast week I replaced my 5 year old iPad with the new Pro. A perfect replacement, not only is it superfast, but I, the old man that I am, can read the content without my reading glasses. I am however disappointed. Not because of the technology, but because of the quality and availability of the content. I cannot use my old Wired Magazine subscription and Apple News is very limited because of the Apple approved content suppliers. The content is also very repetitive. I received a news item about the introduction of the iPad Pro 8 times via different sources. This is confirmation of the fact that content distribution by non-publishers such as Apple, Google and Facebook lack a good editor who checks for relevance, truth and simple stuff like duplication of messages. A chance for real publishers who do this.


Another most annoying thing is the number of apps that are not yet suitable for the Pro and iOS9. For example Camera Awesome, in my opinion the perfect replacement for the Apple Camera app, doesn´t work yet and SmugMug for photo sharing needs to do a bit of work on its app. Also disappointing is the fact that the Apple Pen and Apple Smart Keyboard are not yet available. Although that does give me the time to look at alternatives as the first reviews of both quite expensive items are not exactly positive.

However, I do think that the Pro will be a winner this year. A larger tablet with laptop possibilities will suit many (semi)professional users and lead to the replacement of their old tablet or laptop. Microsoft with its Surface and the huge amount of Google Android tables will also profit from this trend. Which in turn will mean that online content and distribution will become more important, also for



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Rob van den Braak

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