New Technology to triple resolution screens

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have published research about a new method of tripling the resolution of current TVs, VR headsets or monitors. It concerns the technology behind LCD, specific subpixels
Every pixel on a screen consists of 4 smaller pixels, a white, a green, a red and a blue. The white is for clarity and the others together form an RBG colour.

The researchers are now able to “tune” these subpixels by applying different electrical voltage. “Actively addressed single pixel full-colour plasmonic display” is the name of the research and in it they prove that with the right voltage they can turn any of the three coloured pixels into any colour. So instead of one pixel you now have four.
That is the same as the difference between Full HD and 4K. It is even more interesting because they did this with
standard electronics. This means that with the right impulse any screen can be improved.

Especially interesting for digital outdoor signage and for VR. The VR headset usually has an H screen and because it is so close to the eye you usually see the resolution. If this really works (even only with new screens) it would be easy and, even more importantly, cheap to use high resolution screens.

The researches are currently working on perfecting the technology to eventually use it commercially, so we will not yet see the results. This would however mean a serious revolution in the display sector.



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