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Koninklijke Van Son overgenomen door T&K TOKA

Nederlands trots, de Koninklijke Van Son inktfabriek is overgenomen door T&K TOKA. T&K, wat staat voor Technology & Kindness, is een van de grootste offsetinkt fabrikanten wereldwijd. Het is gespecialiseerd in onder andere UV-inkten en heeft een productaanbod dat perfect aansluit bij dat van Van Son. De overname past in de trend van globalisering, waar schaalgrootte en wereldwijde productie- en distributiemogelijkheden een belangrijke factor zijn.

Lees meer over deze spectaculaire overname in onderstaand persbericht.


T&K TOKA acquires Van Son Printing Inks

T&K TOKA acquires Van Son Printing Inks to strengthen production, distribution and service in Europe and the USA.

With the acquisition of Netherland-based Royal Dutch Printing Factories Van Son B.V. (hereafter “Van Son”) and it’s fully owned subsidiary Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America in USA, T&K TOKA CO., LTD. (hereafter “T&K TOKA”) establishes a major expansion of her presence in Europe, the Middle East & Africa and the Americas especially in the United States. And therewith strengthens its service levels and product portfolio for UV – and offset printers in the commercial – and packaging markets.

Saitama, Japan, and Hilversum, Netherlands, December 4th, 2017 – T&K TOKA, listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and one of the leading international suppliers of printing inks for offset – & UV applications in the commercial – and packaging markets, has signed an agreement to purchase Van Son located in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The family-owned company manufactures high-quality sheet fed offset inks for 145 years.

With this purchase T&K TOKA substantially expands its production – and distribution capacity outside Asia. “Van Son is one of the leading ink manufacturers in Europe. The company is known for its high-quality inks with excellent consistency. Especially its conventional 4-colour sheet fed ink program is a welcome addition to our portfolio”, explains Mr. Ryuichi Kurimoto, Managing Director of Sales Dept., at T&K TOKA. “Further will the acquisition raise our profile as a full scale ink solution provider to the printing markets in especially Europe and the USA. Additionally it will enable further improvement of our service levels and substantially re-enforces our distribution presence in many parts of the world.”

The agreement reached includes the transfer of all intellectual property, technical expertise, product portfolio and manufacturing equipment of the Van Son headquarters in the Netherlands and her affiliate in USA. Van Son, as a member of the T&K TOKA group, will continue to produce and serve customers from the production site in Hilversum under the worldwide renowned Van Son brand.

The combination and integration of the product offerings of T&K TOKA and Van Son will enable customers to benefit from a more comprehensive product portfolio and a wider technological expertise. Both companies will work closely together to ensure a smooth integration of business without any interference for current customers of both companies.

“This deal is a perfect match” says Mr. Wim van Mastrigt, Managing Director at Van Son. “Not only are our products complementary. T&K TOKA is indeed the ideal owner of our organization. As its substantial larger structure will secure many opportunities for our worldwide distribution partners to advance on their individual markets. It is our conviction that this combination of strengths will offer many advantages and a real alternative to many printers around the globe. The Van Son organization is looking forward to embark on this growth scenario with our new Japanese colleagues.

With the strategical investment in Van Son, T&K TOKA sets the framework for enhancing its position in especially Europe and the United States whilst at the same time stay loyal to their management principle of “Technology & Kindness”, which represents TOKA’s commitment “on offering high quality, easy-to-use products”, which has been the bases of the success of the last 70 years on the Asian continent. At present times T&K TOKA consist, amongst other, out of multiple production locations in Japan and manufacturing sites in Korea, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia. T&K TOKA produces for a wide variety of ink products but specializes in UV-applications in all kind of printing processes.

T&K TOKA discloses financial information in relation to this acquisition as per guideline of Tokyo Stock Exchange. T&K TOKA and Van Son agreed not to disclose any further details of this transaction.

About T&K TOKA
T&K TOKA was founded in 1947. T&K TOKA is a leading printing ink manufacturer in the world especially in UV printing ink segment. Since its foundation, the principle is always “Technology & Kindness (T&K)”, to commit to provide high quality and user-friendly printing ink. Even now, 70 years from its foundation, the principle has not wavered, and will never.
Further information on T&K TOKA can be found at or

About Van Son
Van Son, established in 1872 and family-owned, is a manufacturer of high quality offset printing inks with production in Europe and Asia. Since four generation Van Son builds it’s “Tradition of Excellence” with the constant development of highly functional products, consistently produced based upon unique techniques and proprietary formulations. The Van Son product and the dedicated, worldwide network of distributors ensure our customer base availability, service and technical support where and when required. Further information on Van Son can be found at or

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