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Hubergroep verhoogt inktprijzen

Als gevolg van de gestegen prijzen voor ruwe materialen, zal ook de Hubergroep zijn prijzen van inkten in Europa met 10 procent verhogen.
Lees hier het Engelstalige persbericht:

After the announcement of price increases for solvent based inks in January, Hubergroup states general price increases for all Sheetfed and UV Offset inks and varnishes across Europe from the 1st of April. Depending on the individual product line, the raw material related price adjustments will be up to 10 percent in specific areas.

“Key raw materials like Azo and Phthalocyanine pigments, carbon black and the largest part of our additive portfolio (all ink product lines), MMA-based acrylate resins (waterbased varnishes), UV monomers and oligomers, photoinitiators (all UV product lines) have seen increasing prices especially during the 4th quarter of 2017 and the 1st quarter of 2018, and this rise in prices will have a significant impact on our raw material costs. This situation now reached a level, where we cannot mitigate cost increases in our product portfolio for Sheetfed and UV Offset customers any further. Being a responsible, service- and quality-oriented supplier to the printing and packaging industry across Europe we will take up contact with our customer base accordingly about the product specific increases that we need to apply”, says Dirk Aulbert, Head of the Business Unit Europe within Hubergroup.

Marco den Engelsman

Marco den Engelsman

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