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Adobe Summit and why it´s not just about digital marketing

Adobe Summit 2015On 29 and 30 April the ICC ExCel in London will be the stage for the Adobe EMEA Digital Marketing Conference. For just about 1000 Euros marketing specialists will receive information about trends in the digital world. That´s quite a lot, 549 Euro per training, travel and accommodation in Swinging London hotel not yet included.
You do get up to date information about things such as email marketing, digital advertising, personalisation and optimisation. But what is even more important than the Summit itself is the fact that you can see why the big money goes to digital and not to print. That is not just about what´s fashionable amongst marketing professionals and clients, but more about measurability and scalability of digital marketing. Adobe has great tools for this which will be in the spotlight during the Summit. The Adobe tools for print productions will be in their shadow.
Fortunately for the graphics industry more and more digital marketing professionals understand that paper still has a lot to offer, especially in a mix with digital.


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Rob van den Braak

Rob van den Braak

Printer’s devil (1964), phototypesetter, offsetprinter, teacher of graphic techniques, salesmanager, productmanager, trade journalist, founder of BlokBoek e-zine (2011). But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain (since 2010).

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