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Wine bottle through the letterbox

London start-up Garçon Wines designed a wine bottle which fits through the letterbox. The bottle has a contents of 750ml and looks like a classic bordeaux bottle, but is thinner and longer to fit through a letterbox.
Founders of the start-up came up with the idea when a wine-loving friend complained that it was difficult to order wine. He couldn´t receive the wines at work and he was not at home often enough to receive deliveries. Garçon Wines´ founders designed a bottle which fits through the letterbox and can always be delivered.
Research showed that the target market is 18-40 year olds who live and work in the city and have busy lives. The target market is interested in sampling wines which is why Garçon Wines think they can add value. The start-up offers a subscription service for different wines based on the customer´s preferences.



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Marco den Engelsman

Marco den Engelsman

Journalist, photographer and communication expert. Believes in the power of a mix of media. An image says more than a thousand words, but is always more powerful when combined with great words. And mix of media strengthens any message. With PRStory all media come together. A powerful PR story with text, image, photography and video which will lead to instantaneous action. Visit for examples.

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