Strategic cooperation between KBA and ACTEGA underlines the role of coatings in print


Ralf Sammeck, CEO of KBA-Sheetfed Solutions (left), and Jörg Eck, managing director of ACTEGA Terra, after signing of the cooperation agreement in Radebeul (1)

Printer manufacturer KBA has announced their cooperation plans with coatings manufacturer ACTEGA. The plan is to develop products and solutions for print shops with a KBA offset press that guarantee the best results from the inline coater. The cooperation is global and applies to all water-based, HR-UV and LED-UV coatings which ACTEGA offers via its worldwide sales network.
Print coating is increasingly requested by clients, and allows the print work to be finished and sent straight from the printer. KBA and ACTEGA will not only test the solutions but will also show them in progress during events. More information in the press release below.






Cooperation in the field of inline finishing

The prime objective of the cooperation is to ensure the availability of high-quality coating systems for KBA’s high-performance sheetfed offset presses. Already during commissioning, the use of correspondingly approved products under uniform conditions will serve to establish application standards. This, in turn, will safeguard both outstanding finishing quality and high performance in the inline coating process.

All users who obtain their coating products through the ACTEGA sales network will benefit from the predefined product standards, as new products will already be tested and optimised for use on Rapida sheetfed offset presses. On the bottom line, the cooperation can thus be seen as a further means to maximise the business success of users whose work involves the application of varnish coatings in an inline process.

ACTEGA coatings are already today a product of choice in the KBA customer centre (2)

KBA and ACTEGA will be cooperating at global level. The plans to date include joint product and sales training, print demonstrations at KBA, at fairs and at customer events, the development of appropriate starter kits to be supplied with new presses, and continuous further development of the products concerned. To this end, regular tests will be conducted on the Rapida presses installed at the KBA customer centre. The cooperation covers water-based, UV, HR-UV and LED-UV coatings.

In addition, KBA-Sheetfed and ACTEGA have further joint projects in the pipeline, such as the annual ACTEGA-Terra calendar and user-oriented marketing activities.

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