Programmatic direct mail as an effective follow-up of online

Programmatic is one of the buzzwords of the last couple of years. Yet few people can explain in detail what programmatic buying means. Now the direct marketing worlds starts using the same terms causing even more confusion.
Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is the holy grail of engagement marketing, and something that automation technology promises. It has been utilised by sectors such as retail that want to reach, for example, potential customers who abandon their shopping baskets with follow-up digital ads and emails.

In Europe, almost eight out of 10 consumers abandoned their online shopping cart at least once within a six month period, according to 2016 research by B2C Europe. Online retailers seeking to reduce abandonment rates in order to drive greater returns from e-commerce will often retarget customers online through banner ads and/or emails.

Yet with up to 22% of consumers deploying ad blocking software in the UK, according to 2017 IAB figures, and with popular email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail filtering out promotional content the impact of such activity has dampened.

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