NUtec Digital Ink assigns Diinks as a European Distributor

NUtec Digital Ink recently finalized the new cooperation with newcomer Diinks, based in the Netherlands. Diinks will be acting as a European Distributor for NUtec Digital Ink. Together, they emphasize on further developing both sales and support in Europe for the Eco and Mild Solvent, UV Curable and Water Based inks from NUtec Digital Ink.

Although Diinks is a newly founded company, they are not new to the LFP industry. The founder of Diinks, Bart Greebe, has made his career in the LFP industry as Area Sales Manager at Mimaki Europe. Where the founders of NUtec Digital Ink have a long and impressive experience in manufacturing high quality Large Format Printing inks, and where the first to manufacture solvent inks that do not contain Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS), limiting health and environmental risks and are therefore safer for both the operator and the environment. It is Diinks that knows the European LFP market, the needs and demands.

The people at Diinks take health and environment issues seriously, and therefore found NUtec to be the perfect strategic partner. Diinks sees great opportunities for the high quality, sustainable and affordable products from NUtec, where the demand for such products is increasing in Europe. Diinks will utilize sales channels and further developing and support a European network of dealers on behalf of NUtec Digital Ink, to ensure that printing companies around Europe have access to both NUtec inks and support.

“We are Diinks, that stands for Digital Ink Solutions. We offer high quality, sustainable ink solutions for the large format digital printing segment, at the best rates known in this industry. We believe in building strong and longstanding partnerships and are focused on a long-term strategy”, says Bart Greebe, Managing Director at Diinks.

NUtec Digital Ink, based in Cape Town, South-Africa, produces UV Curable, Water Based and Solvent digital printing inks for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and for distribution partners in more than 80 countries. These products are NUtec branded and private label digital inks. NUtec provides OEM quality digital printing ink with repeatable batch-to-batch consistency, long-run print reliability and exceptional image quality. NUtec products are produced through proprietary state of the art manufacturing processes in a wide variety of packaging solutions including pouches/bags, cartridges and bottles.

Strict quality control measures adhere to ISO standards. NUtec’s global team, made up of sales and marketing, engineering and chemistry specialists, innovate for their OEM and distribution partners and keep abreast of the dynamic global regulatory requirements.

Innovations include pioneering N-vinylcaprolactam-free (NVC) UV curable inks with unique characteristics for specialist applications, and solvent inks as part of the Environment Responsible Products (ERP) range.

NUtec Digital Ink

Dale Lowndes – Area Sales Manager


Diinks B.V.

Bart Greebe – Managing Director

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