Multichannel Publishing in 14 regionale edities en 5 talen met Agfa Eversify

De Zwitserse overheid publiceert al 42 jaar een gedrukt magazine voor Zwitsers in het buitenland. De 14 edities in 5 talen moeten nu ook online beschikbaar worden voor meerdere platformen en devices. Geen eenvoudige taak, gezien de complexiteit van de content en de distributie. Met Eversify bood Agfa Graphics een oplossing voor deze uitdaging. In combinatie met WoodWing, de leverancier van het editorial systeem, kan nu met een druk op de knop de wens van de Zwitserse overheid in vervulling gaan.

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Eversify from Agfa Graphics

Swiss Review – all-out instant multichannel publishing

Mortsel, Belgium – April 13, 2017

‘Swiss Review’ is a dedicated magazine issued by the Swiss state for Swiss living abroad. It’s been published for over 42 years in no less than 14 regional editions in German, French, Italian, English and Spanish. In 2014 its management decided, that the content should also be available across different channels and platforms. Not a straightforward task – as a governmental steered publication, all content must be replicated verbatim. A mere webpage did not suffice, they wanted their readers to be able to access the content when they want it, where they want it. An app appealed more, because of its user-friendliness, enabling readers to tailor settings and push notifications to their preferences. Not to mention being easily accessible on all devices. The publication had worked with a PDF version before, which worked perfectly well on tablets, but had its limitations on smartphones.

All-out solution

The publication is published with the WoodWing editorial content system, but turned to Eversify because of its threefold offering in multichannel distribution. The Classic solution allows a local consultant to create a regional version in PDF format. The Hybrid option enables the generation of a PDF enriched with HTML5 articles for consultation on iPad and Android tablets. The interactive version generates a responsive HTML5 solution for both iPhone and Android phones.

“The beauty of Eversify is the high level of automation it offers. It builds editions for all devices and operating systems in one go. Obviously, a final approval round is built in to be sure, but the time spent is negligible in comparison to the few minutes it takes to approve each edition. We were amazed at how much time this saves us and how accessible (and correct!) the content is to the reader.” Comments Mr. Olivier Honauer, IT-Prepress at Swiss Review.

Smooth operator

The automation is the key factor to the success of Eversify. When the content is ready in WoodWing, the final edition is exported. A PDF and XML file are generated and all images are re-sampled and exported automatically. The file is then compressed into a Zip-file and uploaded to an ftp-server. Eversify builds each edition in a few minutes according to predefined rules depending on the type of content and distribution device. After the final approval round, each edition is ready for distribution to its corresponding channel. The whole process is completely automated, and reproduces the content 100% accurately.

Implementing the three Eversify solutions kicked off in 2014. The first multichannel editions were launched in January 2015. The process has since then continued to run ever so smoothly.

“It’s not what you save, it’s what you gain.”

Cost savings are high on everyone’s agenda, especially if they’re looking into automation. But that was not the main drive at Swiss Review. “We wanted to give the Swiss people abroad a better service. No matter where they are in the world, they can access the latest and most accurate news from their homeland on whichever device. Obviously, the success of the mobile app lowers the distribution cost. But we still print a magazine and provide a digital edition as well. That’s why it’s multichannel – we do it all”, as Mr. Marko Lehtinen, Editor-in-Chief, concludes.

Swiss Review is produced by Vogt-Schild Druck AG for the Swiss state using WoodWing editorial system, InDesign® and Agfa Eversify.

About Eversify

Eversify, a solution from Agfa Graphics, is a mobile content publishing software solution that can be integrated in any editorial, content management system or layout system based on Adobe InDesign. It delivers automated diversified content streaming to a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets) and websites. There are also three levels of App functionality: Eversify Classic – a digital copy of the PDF, Eversify Hybrid – an enhanced PDF that allows the manual addition of extra content enriched with HTML5 articles and Eversify Interactive (HTML5) – a pure HTML APP with all benefits of multimedia and perfect usability. Additionally, Eversify can deliver classic flipbooks, hybrid flipbook or best in class interactive HTML5 based homepages. Eversify is part of the world- leading Agfa Graphics portfolio of solutions. For more information, visit

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