Fujifilm announces offset plate price increase in response to rising raw material costs

Fujifilm Europe today announces that, as a result of substantial increases in the cost of raw aluminium, it will be increasing the prices of its offset printing plates.

The last 12 months have seen an increase of more than 20 per cent in the Euro-based cost of raw aluminium. Fujifilm has been working tirelessly to improve internal efficiencies to try and absorb the impact of these raw material costs, but these process improvements have not been sufficient to avoid this action. Fujifilm will therefore be increasing the price of its offset printing plates from 1st September 2017 by up to 10%, with the actual increase passed on to printers dependent on the local market situation.

Takashi Yanagawa, S.V.P. Fujifilm Europe explains: “Fujifilm has absorbed the rising cost of raw materials for the last 12 months to try and avoid passing on price increases to our customers, but unfortunately this situation is unsustainable. Our customers have come to expect products of the very highest quality from Fujifilm, with service and support to match, so our focus is to safeguard our ability to provide that very high level of service. These price increases are a necessary step to help us achieve that.”

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