FESPA 2017 de global print expo daagt drukkers uit: “Dare To Print Different”

‘Dare to Print Different’ is FESPA’s boodschap voor onze industrie en het is de ‘strapline’ voor een multichannel marketing campagne om bezoekers naar  de FESPA 2017 te lokken.

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“Dare to Print Different is a statement of our confidence in the entrepreneurialism of our global speciality print community”, explains FESPA Divisional Director, Roz McGuinness. “When printers head to FESPA 2017 in May, we want them to arrive with the ambition to explore and identify something that could expand their boundaries and give them fresh impetus. Every feature we incorporate into FESPA 2017 is designed to show PSPs the many avenues of opportunity available to them, and to leave them invigorated with new ideas to apply in their business.”

Dare to Print Different celebrates the rich technology and materials innovation that is always at the heart of FESPA, and its role in helping printers to fulfil their potential and differentiate themselves through new products and business models. The campaign theme is brought to life visually with a striking image of a robotic hand releasing a brilliant butterfly – expressing the critical role of technology in enabling creative print applications, and expanding print’s potential as a medium of visual communication and decoration.

Like previous flagship FESPA events, FESPA 2017 includes three distinct zones devoted to screen, digital wide format and textile printing, encouraging printers and sign-makers to explore the full spectrum of applications including graphics and soft signage, industrial print, garments and promotional items, interior décor, surface decoration and vehicle wrapping.

A single visitor ticket covers FESPA 2017 and the co-located European Sign Expo event for non-printed signage, making it easy for visitors – whether their core business is in print or signage – to investigate the potential to diversify into new service or application areas.

Visitors interested in the growth potential from interior décor applications will also benefit from free access to Printeriors, a hotel-themed showcase featuring printed interior décor elements created using a range of technologies, processes and materials to realise innovative design concepts.
Together, the three events give visitors access to some 700 international exhibitors under one roof, confirming this as the most comprehensive environment for speciality printers and sign-makers seeking out product innovations to support their business development.

“We know that discovering new products is the primary reason that thousands of business owners and senior managers commit to visiting FESPA year on year”, adds McGuinness. “The Hamburg event will certainly fulfil those expectations, with many major vendors already signalling that FESPA 2017 will be their foremost product launch platform in 2017.”

While considering the new products on show, visitors can also maximise the value of their time at the event to support their investment planning by accessing the wealth of independent expertise within the free onsite educational programme.

In addition, FESPA’s active networking programme will help visitors to find peers who can share their own real-world experiences and guide their decision-making.

The new FESPA 2017 event website is now live at www.fespa2017.com, and visitors can register immediately online to obtain entry free of charge to the event, and ensure that they are kept updated as the full event programme develops.
. To register, visit: www.fespa2017.com, using promotional code FESM701 for free entry
. For discounted flights with FESPA’s official airline partner, visit: www.fespa2017.com/about-fespa-2017/international-visitors
. For Hamburg tourist information, visit: www.hamburg-tourism.de/

Rob van den Braak

Printer’s devil (1964), phototypesetter, offsetprinter, teacher of graphic techniques, salesmanager, productmanager, trade journalist, founder of BlokBoek e-zine (2011). But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain (since 2010).

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