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Dutch designer wins biscuit tin design challenge

destrooperThe winner of the international design challenge for Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper is Dutch designer Femke Veltkamp. Her winning design for a new biscuit tin will be taken into production this year and become available worldwide. Femke Veltkamp is a professional illustrator and lives in Utrecht. She combines drawings with digital design which gives the biscuit tin a cheerful and cosy character. “Jules Destrooper´s kitchen was the centre of my design. That is where all the biscuits originate from, with the scales, the waffle irons, the flour and spices. You can almost smell the biscuits.” says the proud winner.
More than 200 entries from 15 different countries were sent in after Jules Destrooper announced their challenge to design a new biscuit tin.
The Dutch and Belgian jury, together with the public, judged the entries. From the 10 finalists Femke´s design was by far the most popular.
Director and greatgrandson Peter Destrooper commented: “The design is very creative and clever. Destroopers´ characteristics and traditions are clear and the design is clean and fresh.”

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