American packaging printer chooses a seven colour Roland 700 Evolution with coater

The short make-ready times and quality guarantee of the Manroland Inline ColorPilot & System Brunner´s Instrument Flight systems were the most important reasons for West Coast printer Fleetwoord-Fibre to choose a Roland 700 Evolution to extend its print capacity. The Evolution is equipped with seven units plus an inline tower coater and fitted out to run both conventional and UV inks. It will be used for the production of various cartons, displays and thermoforming packaging. Read more about the how and the why of this investment in the press release below.

Fleetwood-Fibre brings on an Evolution
Why one of the leading lights in packaging print chose the ROLAND 700 Evolution

Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging & Graphics is known for stirring the hearts of brand owners alike for their unique package designs and exquisite attention to detail.

When the demand of their client base required they seek additional production capacity, Fleetwood-Fibre looked for unrivalled offset technology – and found it in the ROLAND 700 Evolution.

Founded in 1952, Fleetwood-Fibre services multiple markets to include folding cartons, corrugated boxes & displays, rigid set-up cartons, thermoforming & contract packaging services.

ROLAND 700 Evolution

The newest addition to the Folding Division is the R707LV Evolution. This press is equipped with seven units plus an inline tower coater and fitted out to run both conventional and UV inks.

The press delivers enhanced automation and innovative software packages making this press the newest marshal of print capability on the West Coast.

“Deciding factors for us were the functionality of the make-ready automation, coupled with Manroland Sheetfed’s Inline ColorPilot & System Brunner’s Instrument Flight® systems.

The ability to make-ready simultaneously in mere minutes is impressive, but the color control capability in a closed loop system providing gray balance and tonality control in production is fantastic” said Mark White, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing at Fleetwood-Fibre.
Sean Springett, CEO of Manroland Sheetfed USA & Canada: “Fleetwood-Fibre will be the first North American user of Manroland Sheetfed’s Red Dot Design award winning Evolution press. There is no possibility to make-ready an offset press faster than what Evolution technology brings; it is without doubt the pinnacle of the industry.

Add to that the capability to measure absolute density in-line, the ability to control solid tones, half tones and gray balance with priorities including G7®, ISO/PSO, GCR and solid balance, and that puts Fleetwood-Fibre literally in a league of their own”.
Fleetwood-Fibre’s newest addition will drastically reduce their overall make-ready times. The Evolution’s automation menu allows a Printer to build-up their capability with an a-la-carte style of options, from the SPL package or the Direct Drive® version of the Evolution, the simultaneous processes during make-ready can transition a printer in a few short minutes into the next job.

“The technology is one aspect of the decision we made here at Fleetwood-Fibre to invest in the Evolution. However, as equally important is the service and support structure Manroland Sheetfed has in place around the Evolution.

With topAnalysis production monitoring and the host of inspections and on-going support mechanically, electronically and operationally, they provide a fantastic support package around an inspiring machine” commented Bill Price, Folding Division Plant Manager.

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