3 million Swedish kroner for ¨paper to replace plastic¨ project

BioBusiness Arena will receive a grant of 3 million Swedish kroner, 312,100 Euro, to replace petroleum products with paper solutions. The money will be used to research how methods developed by the Mid Sweden University can be used to create paper with characteristics found in plastic. The project underlines the sustainability of paper and the fact that it can be recycled.

Read more about this project in the press release below.



BioBusiness Arena gets 3 million Swedish kroner grant from Swedish agency Tillväxtverket to fund “Paper to replace plastic” project


June 27, 2017 – 03:41

SUNDSVALL, Sweden, June 27, 2017 (Press Release) -Prototype of a cup, created from the new material, paper with plastic properties.
BioBusiness Arena has been granted three million Swedish kroner from Tillväxtverket to fund the project “Paper to replace plastic”. The funding enables the further development of the region’s world-leading wood research. The focus of the project is now on developing the replacements for petroleum-based plastic products with the newly developed paper materials which has the properties of plastic.
Leading researcher in wood and cellulose at Mid Sweden University are developing paper materials that has similar properties to plastic. The material produced is resistant to water, which allows to using renewable products to replace plastic products in some new field. Start production from a renewable resource such as forest based material is a big benefit to the environment as we reduce the use of fossil based materials, such as oil.
The financing decision means that BioBusiness Arena and Åkroken Science Park, in collaboration with the Mid Sweden University Research Center, FSCN, now have the opportunity to work towards the future bio economy by working together to develop products such as cups, waterproof paper packages and paper yarns.
World is threatened by climate change and the destruction of the ecosystem with plastic waste. We need to shift to renewable materials and biodegradable products to avoid environmental disaster. New forest-based products are part of the solution and represents a major opportunity for our region, and Sweden, with our green treasure.
BioBusiness Arena is a long-term investment with the aim to promoting the innovation of sustainable products and services. With bio-renewable basis, we work strategically for more growth and jobs in Sundsvall region. Our hubs are in the middle of a growing science park and close cooperation with our regional incubator means that we have all the prerequisites to achieve our goals.

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