Two new Horizon machines at the IFS IPEX Stand

Inent Finishing Systems announced two UK introductions on their IPEX stand. The Horizon Stitchliner Mark III and the Horizon BQ-480 perfect binder will be shown working. Read more about these introductions in the press release below.



Inent Finishing Systems will unveil the Horizon StitchLiner Mark III and the Horizon BQ-480 perfect binder for the first time in the UK at IPEX, Birmingham NEC, October 31 to November 3.

Building on the hugely successful innovative StitchLiner series is the next-generation StitchLiner Mark III. Complete with servo drive technology, the system runs at a maximum speed of 6,000 bph and up to 12,000 bph with two-up production. It is also capable of producing A4 landscape booklets at speeds of up to 5,300 bph.

Equipped with a new large 12.1″ HD colour touch screen it offers enhanced operation with fully automated job set up in less than a minute making it 30% faster than the StitchLiner 5500. There is quicker and more precise knife movement and variable thickness production as standard with new Hohner 52/8S stitching heads.

Bryan Godwyn, IFS Managing Director, comments: “The new StitchLiner Mark III delivers improved accuracy, quality, efficiency and productivity. The fact it takes a flat sheet and transforms it into a booklet in one pass eliminates separate production stages for faster turnaround. It is also suitable for litho and digital printed sheets and hybrid booklet production making it an ideal system for operations looking to streamline their binderies and improve production efficiency.”

Features of the Horizon BQ-480 include a maximum production speed of 800bph for book of one production which is 2.5 times faster than BQ-470 and 50% faster set up time compared to the BQ-470. There is also a new BBF-480 Book Block Feeder option for fully automated book block feeding.

It also offers faster changeover for variable book production, customised and fully automated job set-up. There are interchangeable glue tanks for EVA and PUR and optional cover and book block matching.

Continues Godwyn: “Today production runs are so diverse that having a highly automated, intuitive and fast system allows short runs and runs of one, to be smoothly and cost effectively produced. As well as an increased production speed, the BQ-480 is faster to set up, supporting increased production capacity.”

Visit IFS at IPEX 2017 on stand G450.

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