Star Plate: inkjet replacement for image setters

Dantex Starplate schema

Dantex claims to be able to replace image setters as well as reduce costs with its Star Plate system. With smart screening and a 2,880 dpi resolutions it could produce screenings up to 200 lpi. The maximum negative density is 4,5 which is more than sufficient to set offset and flexo plates, according to Dantex.
More about Star Plate in the press release below.

StarPlate Linework LW with T-series Epson

Star Plate is a digital imaging solution designed for direct inkjet to film, with the ability to produce high quality halftone screening. Utilising its proven analytical engine “Actual Dot”, the system faithfully analyses and reproduces the dots of the RIPped 1- bit data.

When used with award winning Smart Screen screening technology, users have the facility to produce high quality screened negatives, perfect for Flexo or Letterpress plate making.

The resultant plates display sharp dots, fine lines and visually superior tonal ranges on press, particularly in highlight areas.
Star Plate preserves text attributes, right down to 1pt type and is capable of imaging screen rulings up to 200 lpi. A user-friendly interface allows for multiple calibration curves to be generated to suit various press conditions.

A range of CTF nano-porous films are available in various gauges and sizes, all developed to produce a D.Max of between 3.0 and 4.5.

Star Plate CTF

Star Plate CTF devices are available in two sizes. The Star Plate CTF 610 is a 24’ width device whilst the CTF 1118 has a maximum width of 44”.

These new devices use a five cartridge system as opposed to the previous nine cartridge device which equates to lower consumable outlay both at start up and through the life of the printer. When combined with Star Plate and Smart Screen, the Star Plate CTF delivers an inkjet to film solution which is unrivaled in terms of speed and quality.

The Star Plate CTF solution features the latest generation of print-heads which deliver a 3.5 pico litre minimum droplet. Fine tuned to deliver optimum registration and fit between separations, it is capable of output speeds which are 3 x faster than the previous Epson Stylus Pro series of inkjet devices.

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