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Raster Blaster 4.0: TIFF Catcher for prepress workflow connections to CtP systems

Raster BlasterIt is not easy to save plate-ready TIFF information from workflow systems from Fuji, Kodak, Agfa and FFEI and send it to CtP systems. Version 4.0 of the Xitron Raster Blaster makes this possible. Raster Blaster software in combination with the Xitron Blue Box gives full prepress independence. More information about how nearly every workflow system can be connected to nearly all available CtP systems in the press release below.

Raster Blaster 4.0 Set to Debut at Drupa

Xitron announces intelligent TIFF Catcher for CTP

Ann Arbor, Michigan – May 2, 2016 – Xitron, the leading independent developer of RIP and workflow products for commercial, digital, and high-speed inkjet printing will introduce Raster Blaster 4.0 during Drupa, the world’s largest trade show for print and cross-media solutions. Described as the next generation in TIFF Catcher technology, Raster Blaster 4.0 will include several features previously unavailable.

Xitron Raster Blaster screendump“Raster Blaster 4.0 is a high-technology bridge between workflows like FujiFilm XMF, Kodak Prinergy, Agfa Apogee, or FFEI RealPro, and the various CTP devices printing companies choose for production,” said Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron Product Manager. “Compatible with nearly 100 CTP models from all the major vendors, Raster Blaster 4.0 is a prime example of prepress independence, allowing users to choose their CTP and workflow from separate suppliers. Of course, it’s also well-matched for Xitron’s own Sierra workflow too.”

More than a simple conduit supplying raster data to the CTP unit, Raster Blaster 4.0 combines complete archiving and job searching with plate usage reporting, production and waste analytics, automated re-plate sequencing, image prioritization, and remote operator control. A standard browser interface supplies real-time data to all operators on the network and enables control through mobile devices as well.

“Truly unique is the fact that, in most cases, a host PC is no longer required,” added Piestrak. “All the functionality is built into the Xitron interface, colloquially known as the ‘Blue Box.’ As long as there is a network connection, the system maintains maximum functionality and accessibility throughout the shop.”

Raster Blaster 4.0 can be seen on the Xitron stand at Drupa (Hall 15/C54-4) May 31, through June 10th in Dusseldorf, Germany. There are nearly 4,000 existing Raster Blaster users and special programs have been put in place for those looking to upgrade.

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