Prinergy 8.10: Kodak workflow becomes two way street

Digital workflow solutions such as those from Agfa, EFI and Fuji have been offering data from output devices for optimisation of workflow for years. With its new version 8.1 Kodak claims to go further than just device data and says to be able to communicate with EFI Fiery, HP, Ricoh, Konika Minolta, Landa and Komori devices. Another new characteristic of Prinergy 8.1 is the possibility to save the features of all devices in presets and use a universal Digital Job Ticket Editor.

Read more about this new version of Prinergy in the press release below.


Rochester, NY, Tuesday, July 18, 2017 —

Kodak today announced new digital capabilities in PRINERGY Workflow 8.1. With bi-directional connectivity to the broadest range of digital presses and a unique new Preset functionality, Kodak customers will now be able to streamline efficiently and reduce production costs while fully leveraging digital equipment.

Version 8.1 now offers bi-directional communication with EFI Fiery and HP Digital Front Ends allowing the Operator to make digital document decisions within PRINERGY Workflow. This updated version includes the PRINERGY Workflow 8 powerful, universal Digital Job Ticket Editor, the industry’s first workflow that enables production decisions based on real-time press information. The enhanced connectivity of PRINERGY Workflow 8.1 with EFI Fiery, HP, and continuing integration with Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Landa and Komori combined with PRINERGY Workflow’s iconic open infrastructure, provide customers with the greatest digital flexibility.

Version 8.1’s new Preset feature streamlines production by removing multiple touch points. Customers will be able to define, save and re-use print product specifications that will result in the ability to customize jobs for specific Digital Front Ends.

Executive Quote 
“PRINERGY Workflow 8.1 will provide our customers with the widest choice when connecting to a digital device,” said Allan Brown, Vice President and General Manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions. “By fully leveraging their digital equipment, printers will be able to increase efficiency and open the door for additional growth opportunities.”

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