Kodak unveils flagship sheetfed press: Nexfinity

Kodak announced the Spring 2018 availability of the KODAK Nexfinity Digital Press.
Kodak said the $885,000 press is designed for lower running costs, higher speed and higher imaging quality. It is targeted at high-volume printers that focus on direct mail, marketing collateral, short-run publishing, short-run labels and tags, retail signage and POS.

Press release:

Kodak Launches the NEXFINITY Digital Press Platform, Dramatically Improving the Versatility of Digital Printing

Building on its investments in digital printing technologies, Kodak today announced the Spring 2018 availability of the KODAK NEXFINITY Digital Press. The NEXFINITY Press, which builds on the success of the award-winning KODAK NEXPRESS Platform, is set to become the most versatile sheetfed digital press on the market. The platform’s low running costs, higher speed and dynamic imaging will change how printers evaluate what can be run on digital.

The entire NEXFINITY Platform is designed to make it easy for printers to operate in a much more dynamic print marketplace. It’s built with Dynamic Imaging Technology, a patented Kodak innovation for digital printing. The technology works by applying algorithmic adjustments to specific areas of an image, which optimizes image quality and consistency based on the image content in each area. The result, for example, produces crisp text, hard lines, soft skin tones, and beautiful skies on the same page, whether it’s for one print or millions. Featuring a new high resolution and multi-bit LED writing system, the press produces the broadest range of applications, including direct mail, commercial print, publishing, and packaging. Seamless integration into workflow and finishing solutions means the press is optimized for a printer’s production workflow.

“With NEXFINITY Press, printers get a robust digital printing platform that delivers offset quality while driving down costs and equipping them with the flexibility and speed to handle an expansive range of applications for their customers, whether it’s an order for a few hundred or millions of impressions,” said Chris Balls, General Manager, Equipment and VP, Print Systems Division of Kodak.

Superior Image Quality, Speed and Flexibility

Kodak’s NEXFINITY Press delivers the industry’s highest information density at more than 1.8 billion pieces of image information per square inch1 and it ensures smooth flat fields and excellent image detail in the printed product. For example, the system can reproduce fine details on the fly, like highlight areas and consistency in mid-tones by adjusting the exposure levels for incredibly high levels of print quality. The LED writing system provides 256 levels of exposure on the imaging cylinder, compared to laser systems that only are on or off, which means it provides excellent, consistent quality, utilizing closed-loop process controls that maximize uptime and lower running costs. NEXFINITY Press also delivers speed and flexibility, with an increased range of 83 to 152 ppm expanded sheet lengths up to 48 inches and capable of handling stocks up to 24pt. When all of this is combined with the machine’s color sequence flexibility that allows for dry inks to be printed in alternative orders or combinations required by specific print jobs, the creative possibilities to help printers grow their business are extensive.

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