Durst Water Technology 2016 at Fespa Digital

Durst Water Technology 2016-03-01 om 14.00.45At FESPA Digital 2016, in Hall 1 at Booth 100, Durst, the industrial inkjet specialist, will be showcasing the latest innovations and developments from Durst Water Technology for the large format printing (LFP) segment.

With “Durst Water Technology”, Durst is expanding its successful UV portfolio with water-based solutions that are free from hazardous substances or odors and which are designed to open up new and lucrative potential uses for the LFP market.

The showcase will include the Rho WT 250 HS flatbed printing system for sustainable and odor-free advertising media at the POS. For web printing systems, Durst is presenting the Rhotex 500, the first 5-meter-long soft signage printer on the market. With the Alpha 190, Durst is opening up new opportunities and fields of business in industrial textile production for LFP specialists. With the Rho 1312 AF, Durst is showcasing the fully automatic material alignment unit in combination with a feeder and stacker.


Rho WT 250 HS

The new printer class in large format printing

With the Rho WT 250 HS, Durst is launching a new class of printer to large format printing. Based on Durst Water Technology, the flatbed printing system achieves the very best optical and haptic offset print quality on a range of coated and uncoated paper surfaces for POP/POS materials such as corrugated displays and posters. The Durst Rho WT inks are odorless and require no health and safety registration. As a result, the new Rho WT 250 HS is especially suitable for sustainable advertising media at the POS and in indoor areas.

Rhotex 500

The first industrial 5-meter printing system for seamless soft signage production

The Rhotex 500 guides Durst Water Technology “seamlessly” into new areas of application. With an unparalleled printing width of 5 meters, the Rhotex 500 allows seamless, extra-wide soft signage and true large-format products at the POS, at trade fairs, in arenas, event venues and public spaces. Soft signage is already the advertising medium of choice, since it is easy to fold, transport, attach, wash, and even recycle. Printing uses water-based dispersion inks and uncoated and coated polyester materials in photo-realistic print quality, brilliant colors and high color fidelities.

Rho 1312 AF

The fastest and most versatile UV flatbed printing system

With the Rho 1312 AF, Durst is unveiling the flagship in its UV portfolio designs for production in 3-shift operation. Automation is also the crucial factor in the Durst UV portfolio for further increasing overall system efficiency. The Rho 1312 AF sets new standards in this context with its feed, alignment and destacking units developed by Durst.


Alpha 190

For efficient and economic textile production

With the presentation of the Alpha 190, Durst is addressing the trend towards digital textile printing systems. While the Rhotex series serves the growing soft signage market, the Alpha series offers industrial production systems for traditional textile applications in the fields of home textiles, clothing and upholstery coverings. There are no limits in terms of which textile materials can be used, which means that Durst Water Technology-based reactive, acid and dispersion inks are available for cotton, silk and all other conceivable textile materials. Durst offers the technological convergence towards large format printing with the newly developed one-step pigment inks and a fully automatic pretreatment unit which offers a pathway into traditional textile production, even for industry newcomers. Various types of fiber such as cotton and polyester can be printed with this ink system.

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