Brett Martin met een breed assortiment materialen op FESPA

Brett Martin FespaFabrikant van materialen voor sign & display Brett Martin toont op zijn FESPA stand R143 een breed assortiment materialen zoals zijn Foam PVC Range (Foamalux White, Foamalux Colour, Foamalux Ultra en Foamalux Xtra) en zijn  Transparent Sheet Range (Marlon FS Polycarbonate, Marpet-g FS PETg, Marpet-a FS aPET en Marcryl Acrylic). Meer informatie over deze complete serie bijzondere materialen lees je in onderstaand persbericht.


Brett Martin will be treating FESPA Digital (Amsterdam RAI, 8th – 11th) as a platform for exhibiting its latest range of flat sheet products to the print and display sector. Visitors to stand R143 will be able to view first-hand a wide variety of the company’s substrates, including the Foam PVC Range (Foamalux White, Foamalux Colour, Foamalux Ultra and Foamalux Xtra) and Transparent Sheet Range (Marlon FS Polycarbonate, Marpet-g FS PETg, Marpet-a FS aPET and Marcryl Acrylic), which is one of the broadest available in Europe.

“As a well-established and reputable manufacturer, Brett Martin understands the challenges that the sign & display sector faces,” comments Duncan Smith, Sales Director at Brett Martin. “FESPA represents an opportunity to raise awareness of our offering by showcasing an array of plastic printing substrates to an international audience that includes digital printers, screen printers, sign makers and plastic distributors for the print and display industries.”

One of the leading brands of foam PVC sheet, the Foamalux range will be prominent on the Brett Martin stand. Light in weight, versatile and highly durable, Foamalux has earned a reputation for quality performance for a wide variety of applications in the sign, display and print world. 

The range comprises four different options: Foamalux White, a bright white direct to print PVC substrate available in thicknesses from 1‐24mm and UV stable for digital printing; Foamalux Colour, a vibrant palette of 15 colours that includes the innovative Neon Pink, Neon Green, Raspberry and Black Sparkle options; Foamalux Ultra, a durable rigid foam PVC sheet with a high gloss premium finish available in white and 6 colours, providing a high end appeal; and Foamalux Xtra, manufactured from recycled foam PVC, comprising a recycled black core sandwiched between surfaces of white virgin PVC to a achieve a dramatic finish, with new options including 19mm Black and 19mm White-Black-White.

Smith is also keen to highlight the presence of the company’s latest Transparent Sheets at the show. “We consider Brett Martin as the one-stop shop for transparent sheet products. With such a wide offering available across Europe, it makes sense to illustrate the features and benefits of these products at an event like FESPA,” he comments.

The first of these, Marlon FS Polycarbonate, is a thermoplastic sheet with remarkable durability. Ranging in thickness from 0.75‐15mm and available in sizes up to 2050mm, the sheet provides 200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight. Marlon FS Polycarbonate’s flexible design and high optical clarity make it ideal for displays, poster covers and illuminated signage.

Marpet‐a FS aPET is a new introductory range of high optical grade amorphous polyester sheets from Brett Martin. Combining high transparency and impact strength with chemical resistance and fire performance, the sheet is ideal for flat and cold bending applications. The sheet comes in thicknesses of 2 – 4mm and can be utilised in a variety of sectors ranging from retail (price tags, POP displays, shop fittings) to signage (poster covers, light boxes).

Another substrate that is perfect for sign, display and store fixture applications is Marpet‐g FS PETg, an amorphous copolyester that does not crystallize, therefore making it suitable for fabrication, heating and vacuum forming, without the chance of whitening or cracking. The substrate’s versatility (it can be easily cut, drilled, digitally printed or screen‐printed) allows for the creation of a variety of shapes and is available in thicknesses from 0.75 to 12mm.

Finally, Marcyl FS Acrylic is a high gloss acrylic sheet featuring a glass-like aesthetic, making it the ideal option for applications where a high end finish is required to add further value. Available in thicknesses of 2-10mm, the sheet is best deployed for displays, leaflet holders, POS equipment, as well as assorted fixtures and light boxes.

“With a long heritage in plastics substrate manufacturing, our objective for FESPA Digital is to show visitors to what extent our solutions can benefit the print and display community,” concludes Duncan Smith. “We are very much looking forward to showcasing our offering, as well as engaging with our existing and prospective customers to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in this exciting industry.”

Rob van den Braak

Printer’s devil (1964), phototypesetter, offsetprinter, teacher of graphic techniques, salesmanager, productmanager, trade journalist, founder of BlokBoek e-zine (2011). But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain (since 2010).

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