bobstBobst viert dit jaar het 125 jarig bestaan op Drupa. Het bedrijf doet het ondanks de slechte koers van de Zwitserse Frank in de verpakkingsindustrie heel goed.

Bobst toont op de stand een futuristische afwerk en printstraat voor karton die nog het meeste weg heeft van een hogesnelheidstrein. Absoluut indukwekkend.






BOBST, the world’s foremost supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, will use drupa 2016 to showcase innovation solutions that will drive customer productivity higher, open up new capabilities and protect customers’ global investments .


Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of BOBST, said, “2016 will be a milestone year for BOBST as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the formation of our company. This drupa will see us clearly demonstrate that we are going forward with the same dynamism and commitment that first won us our reputation in the industry. The Group continues to expand technologies and services to continuously improve its performance supporting our increasing customer base in their variety of applications. We will unveil innovations that will address the needs of brands and their suppliers for maximum efficiency, reduced time to market and optimized printing processes. Our Services offering will continue to expand and new customers features will be unveiled covering the entire product portfolio”


drupa 2016 highlights

BOBST delivers technology to the industry that is based on its extensive in-house ‘savoir-faire’ and on continuous polling of both its customers and brand owners about the challenges facing them. As a result, BOBST leads the way in innovation, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the solutions that the industry needs, in both the conventional and digital arenas.


Among the highlights that BOBST will present at drupa 2016 will be:

  • The world premiere of a brand new MASTERCUT 106 PER. This new model will be the most productive die-cutter ever available to the industry, thanks to a range of ground-breaking innovations that will set new standards in die-cutting.
  • A new MASTERFOIL 106 PR hot-foil stamping press that incorporates FOIL UNWINDER+, a system which delivers up to 30% more press productivity and a reduction of up to 50% in foil use.
  • A new folder-gluer to be launched at the show, along with the new MASTERCUT and new MASTERFOIL, feature increased automation, shorter set-up times, lower running costs, easier use, and will allow packaging manufacturers to realize ‘zero fault’ production.
  • A brand new version of the M6 UV flexo press, configured with folding carton production in mind, which will challenge offset printed carton production by offering job changeovers in under a minute – thanks to Digital FlexoTM technology; high running speeds; and high-speed in-line sheeting. Cartons produced on the line can then be converted using the BOBST die-cutting and folding & gluing equipment available to most carton makers. The seven-color M6 offers what no other press in the market can – the cost benefits of purchasing board on reels, allied to the production benefits of the no-water, no-solvent, fast changeover UV Digital FlexoTM
  • Innovative and effective alternatives to offset printing for the production of folding cartons and flexible packaging. Using new low migration UV curable inks and Digital FlexoTM automation, BOBST will show solutions that offer comparable set-up times to digital, allied to the highest productivity.
  • Extended color gamut (ECG) printing, using four or seven fixed colors, on new ECG optimized presses, taking full advantage of substantial developments in ECG printing technology.
  • New CI flexo, in-line flexo, gravure and new digital printing presses; laminators; coaters; and metallizers, many featuring digital automation technologies for easy, repeatable and reliable operation in a digital printing and converting workflow.
  • New tooling software for the production of high-performance die-cutting formes, using BOBST branded precision die-board wood, ejection rubber and rules.
  • Enhancements to BOBST maintenance and helpline services, and a new generation Pick&Pay solution which will increase operator safety and reduce machine downtime by making first emergency and wear parts available on the machine.
  • Presentations by a specialized team of the breakthrough high-output Digital Printing Press for corrugated board and Digital Printing Press for folding carton, paper and film.


Innovation compass

Visitors who pre-register online to visit the BOBST booth at drupa 2016 will get a BOBST Innovation Compass sent to their Smartphone which will give them quick and easy guided access to those solutions on the booth they have expressed an interest in. Visitors can pre-register in this way at


Stephan März, worldwide head of the Services Business Unit, said, “At BOBST we have always been at the forefront of innovation. We aim to be a guiding partner, helping our customers succeed whether it is by providing services that help them make the most of their existing equipment, by supplying highly productive new solutions for conventional processes, or by offering disruptive new technologies such as digital print. The BOBST booth at drupa will be a ‘must see’ for anyone involved in packaging or label manufacture.”



At drupa 2016 BOBST will be working closely in partnership with other forward-thinking suppliers to the industry. These include Kodak, who will host packaging samples and their VIP lounge, Kurz, who will host a brand new BOBST hot-foil stamping press on their stand,, Marbach, Hinderer + Mühlich, Baumer hhs, Metsä, Henkel, Gebr. Knauer, and the partners in the REVO Digital Flexo project.


Results 2015 & Global strategy 2016

Today BOBST announced its detailed results for FY2015, which are available online at BOBST recorded positive sales growth in 2015, despite the impact of the exceptionally strong Swiss franc.

With regard to the strategy for 2016, Jean-Pascal Bobst said, “We will continue to invest in innovative new products that use common platforms and modular designs. We will also be also investing in our client support network, which will include an increased presence in China, Asia and MEA, as well as investing in strengthened services that we aim to make the benchmark in the industry.”

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