Alfinia Label L801 a colour label printer for less than 10,000 Euro

Memjet inkjet technology is the secret behind the economically priced label printer by Alfinia Label. De Label L801 is the most compact label printer in the extensive Alfinia Lable range and is priced at under 10,000 Euro. Replacing the inkhead is also quite reasonably priced and thanks to the fact that many inkjet printers use Memjet heads the inks are equally fairly priced. Read more about the L801 in the press release below.


The L801 Label Printer has proven itself to be a very fast and cost-effective printer. How does it stack-up against 1600C, which is also a Memjet-powered label printer.

The Bottom Line: The Afinia L801 Label Printer is less expensive to acquire and is more capable than the 1600C.

Both printers are powered by Memjet print engines, the fastest desktop printer engine available. They both print at between 30′ and 60′ per minute and produce vibrant labels using proprietary Memjet dye-based ink.

Depending upon where you get your 1600C price quote, the Afinia Label L801 may be many thousands of dollars less. Also, the L801 comes with an enclosed label roll unwinder. It also has three cutting modes: Roll-to-Cut, Print-and-Present, Cut-to-Stack.

Printer Afinia L801 1600C Afinia L801 Advantage
MSRP $7,995USD $10,500 23% Less Expensive
Included Unwinder Yes No Included Unwinder
Multiple Print Modes Yes, Cut-to-Roll, Present-and-Print, Print-and-Cut No Greater Capability
Resolution 1600x1600dpi/1600x800dpi 1600x1600dpi/1600x800dpi
Print Speed 30fpm/60fpm 30fpm/60fpm
Label Print Width Range 2.0 – 8.5” 2.0 – 8.5”
Cost of Changing Printhead $400 $400
Ink Cartridges CMYKK CMYKK
Ink Cost/250ml $200 $200

Conclusion: Both label printers are based upon the same print engine technology and will deliver high-quality results. The Afinia Label L801 will cost thousands of dollars less to acquire, which will decrease the amount of time in which you will experience positive ROI.

This is especially important if you will cost-justify your label printer purchase by printing your labels in-house, which can be a really good idea because you can:

  • Print as many labels as you need, when you need them
  • Avoid buying more labels than necessary, to meet minimum label purchase requirements
  • Avoid discarding labels made obsolete by changes in governmental regulations or ingredients

Note: Product information is from the Afinia Label and the 1600C manufacturer’s respective, or their authorized resellers’, websites and may change without notice. Afinia Label is not affiliated with the manufacturer of the 1600C.

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